Wattisham Triathlon 2016

Swim 300m (pool)

Cycle 20km (on road)

Run 5km

1pm, Saturday
17th June

Swim, cycle, run

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  • Date & Time: Saturday, 17th June at 1pm - postponed
  • Venue: Wattisham Airfield, Suffolk, IP7 7RA
  • Distances: Swim 300m - Cycle 20km - Run 5km
  • Entry fees: Individuals - £30. Team - £50
  • Contact: Matthew Connelly - 01449 728974

Race Information

This event is being hosted by Wattisham Station, with all profits going to Wattisham SSAFA Forces Help.  

The race is suitable for both novices and the more seasoned Triathlete.  It will provide all athletes with a physical challenge, in a safe and controlled environment.  The whole race is held inside the fence on MOD land, so traffic will be strictly controlled. Due to this event taking place on a military airfield, if there are any operational flying commitments, we may need to make adjustments to the running route. 

As well as the Triathlon, there will be a number of trade stands and a BBQ after the race for all competitors and spectators.

This race is a non-affiliated race, we are not governed by any of the Triathlon associations.

RACE VENUE: The race HQ is held in the Physical & Recreational Training Centre (P&RTC) Wattisham Station IP7 7RA, 8 miles west of Ipswich. Please see our directions page for more information on how to get here.

SECURITY: All competitors and spectators are to note that you will be entering a secure MOD environment, so restrictions on your movements within the Station will be placed upon all competitors. Under no circumstances are individuals to leave the race venue which will be in and around the P&RTC.  People found in restricted areas will be removed from camp immediately.  All individuals coming on to camp are to be aware that whilst you are on MOD property you are subject to military laws and Standing Orders.  Whilst the above paragraph sounds and is a serious statement, as long as you stick to the rules, a pleasant day should be had by all.

PARKING: You will be directed to designated parking areas which are within very close proximity to the P&RTC.  Do not attempt to park anywhere else.  This applies to both military and civilians taking part.

SPECTATORS: All spectators are welcome but should be aware of the security issues involved.  They are also not to encroach onto the race course and are not allowed into the Transition area at any time. This is for safety and race security reasons.  There is full disabled access to all areas of the P&RTC.

FOOD AND SMOKING: There is a Spar shop and Hub food bar located directly opposite the P&RTC which will be open for your use.  Individuals are to note that all buildings on the Station are NO SMOKING areas.

DOGS: In the interest of safety you are not to bring dogs onto the Station, unless it is a registered guide dog.

RISK ASSESSMENTS: A risk assessment for this race has been completed - a copy of it will be posted in the P&RTC main hall.       


REGISTRATION: Registration will be held in the Main Hall of the P&RTC and will be open between 1100hrs and 1200hrs.  You will be given your ‘Goody Bag’ which will contain your race numbers, bike numbers, T shirt and other items.  Please be patient as there is likely to be a small amount of queuing.  All competitors will be required to have their race numbers written on their calves and upper arms, so have them ready.  A list of competitors and start times will be published on the wall in the Main Hall of the P&RTC.  Make sure your race number in your Goody bag is the same as the one listed.  If you are going to be late for the registration please contact Matthew Connelly on 01449 728974. This must be done before 1145hrs.  Failure to do this will result in your slot been allocated to a reserve.

RACE BRIEF: The race brief will be held in the P&RTC Main Hall at 12.15hrs.  All competitors are strongly advised to attend this as it will make for a safer more enjoyable race.  If athletes have any queries about the race then the race referee will be there to answer them.  Please keep them until the end of the brief.  A copy of the salient points will be published in the Main Hall of the P&RTC and will be included in this race pack.

Please download the full Race Pack to bring with you on the day as it contains important further information about the race.

Download the race route here (Powerpoint file).


Refund Policy

Entry fees are non-refundable/non- transferable.